High Performance
Bio Carriers

for biological waste water treatment
and gas treatment

Quality made in germany

Hel-X Bio Carriers in biofilm and mass transfer processes

Hel-X biocarrier are specially developed for use in biofilm processes. They are used successfully around the world in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, aquaculture / aquaponics, and ornamental fish farming as growth bodies or fillers. You will also work in numerous other areas of process engineering as fillers in mass transfer processes.

The Hel-X Flake is a further development. The extremely large specific surface of this product results from the porosity of the material.

All Hel-X products are manufactured in Germany according to our quality and environmental standards.

The name Hel-X characterizes the circumferential spiral or helix, a product property that ensures high mechanical stability with at the same time very good flow and a high specific growth area. The biofilm is optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients.


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HEL-X Bio Carriers

Wastewater treatment

  • industrial and municipal wastewater
  • MBBR – moving bed biofilm reactor
  • fluidized bed biology


  • Fish farming
  • Circulation systems
  • Koi breeding

Ornamental fish farming

  • Floating bed method
  • Fixed bed process

other areas of application

  • Biogas plants
  • Gas washing and cooling
  • Exhaust air and exhaust gas cleaning

Hel-X Flake 30

Ideal for heavily loaded Sewage and compact systems

Due to its high porosity, the HEL-X Flake 30 made an extremely large area available for biomass growth. This allows very high degradation rates in the smallest of areas.

In the pores of the HEL-X Flake 30, the biomass is protected from abrasion. At the same time, the flat geometry allows an optimal supply of oxygen and nutrients.

The HEL-X Flake 30 is the optimal solution for heavily polluted wastewater. The highly porous, compact structure enables high space reduction rates for high cleaning performance on a small area. In the pores, the biomass is protected from the shear forces, at the same time the surface of the chip is cleaned by the shear forces, so that the supply of the immobilized biomass with nutrients and oxygen is ensured.


Use for biological wastewater treatment in MBBR and IFAS systems, in aquaculture and in biogas plants