Area of application


In circulatory systems, the holding water is cleaned in an integrated water treatment system and then fed back into the holding basin. These systems are characterized by low water consumption. Circulation systems consist of storage basins, which are then connected to mechanical filtering and biological water treatment and possibly disinfection by UV radiation or ozonation.

The water treatment is necessary in order to remove food residues and metabolic end products released by the fish from the system.

In mechanical cleaning, suspended matter is removed from the circuit.


The following biological cleaning stage offers settlement area for microorganisms that metabolize dissolved substances from the metabolism of the fish and the feed and thus remove them from the water.

In order to offer the microorganisms, the largest possible settlement area, trickling filters or moving bed filters can be used in the biological stage.

HEL-X media have been optimized with regard to the requirements for use in the biofilter. They offer a maximum surface on which the microorganisms form the biofilm through colonization. The media can be easily flowed through from all sides by the circulating water, which ultimately has a positive effect on the energy requirement. The surrounding helix gives the medium high mechanical stability, increases the surface area and makes it easier for the microorganisms to colonize the flow shadow.

The smaller types of HEL-X biocarriers are ideally used in aquaculture.

Ø in mmlength in mmsurface (A) m²/m³surface prot. m²/m³

Hel-X Flakes

Ø in mmheight in mmTypsurface (A) m²/m³
HEL-X FLAKE 3030~ 1.1C> 5000
HEL-X FLAKE Pro30~ 1.2C+> 5500