HEL-X biocarriers are used worldwide for biological wastewater treatment by means of a biofilm process in the moving bed bioreactor (MBBR), in combination with the conventional activated sludge process as an IFAS system, or in the trickling filter.

Apart from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, HEL-X biocarriers have proven their worth in aquaculture and aquaponics, in the keeping of koi and ornamental fish, and in biogas plants – wherever bacteria in the biofilm do the actual work. The metabolism of the bacteria either degrade pollutants or create new substances. To maximize the reaction surface, HEL-X provides the bacteria with a large surface area for growth.

Incidentally, the name HEL-X is derived from a product property, the orbiting helix. The helix is ​​characteristic for the majority of the product range, only the HEL-X FLAKE, a biochip, deviates from it. Its extremely large surface results from the porosity of the material.

HEL-X fillers can be flowed through from all sides. So, less energy is needed to move and the biofilm gets enough oxygen and nutrition to work optimally.

All Hel-X products are manufactured in compliance with high environmental and quality standards exclusively in our plants in Germany.